We offer for all products the right label. If it should be special, we are happy to see it as a challenge. We would like to supply you with exactely the label you imagine. Over the years we have developed many different techniques such as
  • - NFC and RFID integrated in the label, e.g. in the LogoPoint (also possible with protection for metallic surfaces)
  • -ID numbering,
  • -QR code
  • -Sandwich solutions
  • -Put on aids and application masks
  • -Custom made
  • -One-off productions
  • -Various fastenings such as pins or magnets
  • -exact fitting for recessed areas
We can also access a wide range of different foils and materials:
  • - glow in the dark
  • - Adhesive for various surfaces
  • - Special films
  • - Materials such as wood and leather
We are a service and advice-oriented manufacturer. We also offer our customers:
  • - RoHS compliance
  • - 8d reports
  • - assembly
  • - Call-off orders
  • - from workshop to mass-productions
We regard your product as something special. If you have any questions or a creative implementation of your label, do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to develop your logo for your product together with you.