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Why Alumigraf, i.e. why control panels in aluminium?

  • Extreme toughness
Of course, we can also process stainless steel, methacrylate and other materials, that is beside the point. For the sustainability and durability of control panels, the main factor is the surface toughness. The tougher the surface is , the less scratches and aging take effect and the more durable the panel will be.
Anodized aluminium is, next to diamonds, the second most hardened material in the world… surpassing stainless steel or, for example, methacrylate. You will find a detailed description of the anodizing process in our flyer, please download below.

Just its toughness alone, makes it worthwhile to choose anodized aluminium for your panels.
Aber es gibt noch mehr:

  • Colours are included: for ever and ever unremovable
During the anodizing process, the colours are included inside the material! After this, it simply isn’t possible to remove the colours, neither with cleaning or solvent materials, nor can mechanical abuse even reach the colours. The colours are secured permanently.

  • Colours are included: diversity and flexibility
Not only are the colours secured, we can imprint full colour. There is no difference, whether you’d like to keep everything in plain black, or if you`d like to add 1, 2 or many colours. Even photographs or designs like marble, wood or simply company colours – please do create or choose your design freely – without any added costs!

  • Flexible in shape and processing
Before the aluminium is anodized, it is easy to manipulate. Therefore, we can easily adapt form and shape individually for you. Maybe you have seen our electric guitar shaped panel as an example?
That is why we focus on aluminium.

And you may add our company strengths as well:

Our origins lie with LogoLabels, emblems to put logos onto various products. The keypoint is, that these labels have to make an impression of beauty and quality - the crown on each product. And this for many long years in order to outlast their carrier products.
Thus we have built over the years a very widely capable and flexible production process with a strong focus on quality and durability.

Due to our experience and flexibility in working metals, it wasn‘t that unexpected that we were asked for a solution for a special lift control panel. Soon it became clear, that we could fulfil the specific requirements for lifts much better in anodized aluminium; more options, even at low quantities and of course thanks to the extremely high surface-hardness a much longer durability as with the currently usual panels.
This way, the Marketeer Alumigraf lift control panel emerged.

We‘d like to invite you, to use our possibilities to offer your clients lifts that grant them their desires even more.

Thanks to Marketeer Alumigraf control panels, you will be able to offer a higher quality product, with more care in the finishing, 100% personalised and, naturally, with great durability.

Shall we work together?

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